Rapport Building

Rapport Building

As I talked about in my last post entitled “closing the deal” there’s a huge difference between selling and closing.  However, there’s an even bigger different between selling and building rapport.

Building rapport and getting the prospect to like you is as important as closing, because if the trust isn’t there it’ll be 10X harder to close them.  Often if you don’t put your buyer at ease in the first 2 minutes of the conversation you’re going to have a really hard time selling them at all.

Building rapport is like building confidence.  You build confidence in your sales training, by working out at on of the local gyms in Brewster, NY or by learning how to small talk like a pro.

They say if you can make your prospect laugh in the first 2 minutes then you’ll have a sale.  I say that if you can make your prospect laugh out loud in the first 2 minutes you’ll be going to the bank more often.

My favorite ways to build rapport:

I haven’t visited Oklahoma before, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about it

You guys don’t have skiing in Oklahoma do you?  What the hell do you do in the winter?

I like to start off each call right.  I’ve been in marketing for a long time and in fact I’ve been in marketing so long I can remember when my wife still shaved her legs


Remember, everyone has their own individual style.  It’s your job to find yours.  I go bold and outrageous all the time, but that’s because that’s MY style.

Find yours and start closing more deals.

Closing The Deal

Closing The Deal

There is a big difference between selling and closing.  The close is the most important part of the whole sales cycle.  Closing is when the prospect decides to become a buyer.

There are 3 things you must have to close a deal:

  1. 100% belief in your product or service.
  2. Belief in your company to follow through on the expectations.
  3. Belief that your prospect will be better off going into debt to have this than not.

My favorite closes:

Three Yes’s then Close:

Did I answer all your questions?  (Yes)

Are we easy to get to?  (Yes)

Am I the type of person you feel comfortable having service you?  (Yes)

Great, and I need your OK here, here and here.

The referral close:

Hey, before we get involved with the figures…  before we actually customize your proposition, who do you know that would be in the market for a similar product or service?

Get a name, a phone number, and an email address before you actually present the proposition to this customer.

The feel, felt, found close:

Hey I appreciate the way you feel

I had felt exactly the same way until I found out that I don’t have another one coming in, and the price will not get lower.  The bottom line is that you need it and you need it now!

Use these closes to get your customer transitioned into a buyer, and seal deals.  My landscaper in Danbury CT actually uses these same closes when he’s talking to homeowners.

Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections

objectionsOne of the most important things in Sales is the skill of overcoming objections.  Thinking on your feet is always good, but having a script drilled into your head is even better.  When you have a script down you’ll know exactly what you’re going to say next without having to think about it.  The time you’ll save from not having to think about what to say can be devoted to listening.

You’ll be able to listen to your prospect’s different pains, and slowly peel that onion till you have found the exact pain your prospect has.  You can then paint the picture of what their business would like look with your product or service.  The ability to then frame your pitch to effect their pain is priceless.  But if you need to keep “thinking” on your feet while you’re overcoming their objections then you certainly won’t have time.

A few common objections I get:

That’s too much money!

Every sales person knows that it’s never about the money.  It’s about…  Will this really solve my problem?  If you’re problem is important enough then you’ll spend the money, go over budget, and even go into debt to fix that problem.

How to overcome this objection:

First, Isolate the objection – “Besides the money, is that the only reason holding you back from investing in your business today?”

Second, Agree!  “I agree that’s a lot of money.  In fact most MMA business owners that I sit down with say the same thing.  I’m with you – an investment like this is a lot of money.  You know what else is a lot of money?  The 5X the investment that you’ll get back in the next 6 months.  Now, that’s a lot of money.

Objection Overcame!

Now close the deal!

Making Pitches

Making Pitches

Michael Jordan once said…

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

As an entrepreneur you need to take a lot of shots.  I’m always trying to work on my pitch so when I’m in front of a business owner, and about to take that I shot I don’t miss.

I get my practice swings in before hand; just like MJ gets his practice shots during his off days.  To be the best you need practice to be the best.

I’m a website guy.  I create websites like…


After I create them I then sell them to local business owners.  So I need to have my pitch absolutely perfect.  I regularly follow my Uncle G, Grant Cardone, and work his magic.

Practice Pitches:


I already have a guy working on my website


I totally understand.  You’re already paying another web guy, and the you don’t want to invest in a second web guy.  If you’re already getting 3-5X your investment back then you don’t need my help.  But if you’re current web guy is just an expense, rather than a fruitful investment then let’s get a plan in action to make your website make real money.


  • Always agree
  • Pivot
  • Fuck you, do it my way
  • Action Line

That’s all you need for a good pitch.  I’ve closed many business owners with that same pitch.  We all know how important sales is.

Lets go make more of them!


Sales… The Energy of the World

Sales – What Makes the World Go Round’

Sales is truly the one thing that makes the world go round.  Want to get rich quick?  Get into sales…  or invent something.

Good luck with inventing something!  But really, sales is the what makes the world move, economies thrive, and isn’t that hard!!!

You heard that right…  Sales ain’t that hard.  You can see my sales background, and understand that I need to practice this as much as you.

Why Practice?

spudI practice my sales skill because sales is just that… a skill!  Like throwing a baseball, or riding a bike, or dunking a basketball.

Sure, you can tell yourself excuses…  Well not everyone can dunk a basketball!  Bullshit – everyone can dunk a basketball.

This guy is white, and he can DUNK A BASKETBALL.

Everyone can learn sales, get better at sales, and achieve financial success with practice, persistence, and massive action.

Check out my buddy, the one and only, Jeffery Gitomer in this quick video:


Welcome to my website..  the best place to hone your selling skills.

We’ll have more posts to come!