Sales… The Energy of the World

Sales – What Makes the World Go Round’

Sales is truly the one thing that makes the world go round.  Want to get rich quick?  Get into sales…  or invent something.

Good luck with inventing something!  But really, sales is the what makes the world move, economies thrive, and isn’t that hard!!!

You heard that right…  Sales ain’t that hard.  You can see my sales background, and understand that I need to practice this as much as you.

Why Practice?

spudI practice my sales skill because sales is just that… a skill!  Like throwing a baseball, or riding a bike, or dunking a basketball.

Sure, you can tell yourself excuses…  Well not everyone can dunk a basketball!  Bullshit – everyone can dunk a basketball.

This guy is white, and he can DUNK A BASKETBALL.

Everyone can learn sales, get better at sales, and achieve financial success with practice, persistence, and massive action.

Check out my buddy, the one and only, Jeffery Gitomer in this quick video: