Making Pitches

Making Pitches

Michael Jordan once said…

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

As an entrepreneur you need to take a lot of shots.  I’m always trying to work on my pitch so when I’m in front of a business owner, and about to take that I shot I don’t miss.

I get my practice swings in before hand; just like MJ gets his practice shots during his off days.  To be the best you need practice to be the best.

I’m a website guy.  I create websites like…

After I create them I then sell them to local business owners.  So I need to have my pitch absolutely perfect.  I regularly follow my Uncle G, Grant Cardone, and work his magic.

Practice Pitches:


I already have a guy working on my website


I totally understand.  You’re already paying another web guy, and the you don’t want to invest in a second web guy.  If you’re already getting 3-5X your investment back then you don’t need my help.  But if you’re current web guy is just an expense, rather than a fruitful investment then let’s get a plan in action to make your website make real money.


  • Always agree
  • Pivot
  • Fuck you, do it my way
  • Action Line

That’s all you need for a good pitch.  I’ve closed many business owners with that same pitch.  We all know how important sales is.

Lets go make more of them!