Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections

objectionsOne of the most important things in Sales is the skill of overcoming objections.  Thinking on your feet is always good, but having a script drilled into your head is even better.  When you have a script down you’ll know exactly what you’re going to say next without having to think about it.  The time you’ll save from not having to think about what to say can be devoted to listening.

You’ll be able to listen to your prospect’s different pains, and slowly peel that onion till you have found the exact pain your prospect has.  You can then paint the picture of what their business would like look with your product or service.  The ability to then frame your pitch to effect their pain is priceless.  But if you need to keep “thinking” on your feet while you’re overcoming their objections then you certainly won’t have time.

A few common objections I get:

That’s too much money!

Every sales person knows that it’s never about the money.  It’s about…  Will this really solve my problem?  If you’re problem is important enough then you’ll spend the money, go over budget, and even go into debt to fix that problem.

How to overcome this objection:

First, Isolate the objection – “Besides the money, is that the only reason holding you back from investing in your business today?”

Second, Agree!  “I agree that’s a lot of money.  In fact most MMA business owners that I sit down with say the same thing.  I’m with you – an investment like this is a lot of money.  You know what else is a lot of money?  The 5X the investment that you’ll get back in the next 6 months.  Now, that’s a lot of money.

Objection Overcame!

Now close the deal!