Closing The Deal

Closing The Deal

There is a big difference between selling and closing.  The close is the most important part of the whole sales cycle.  Closing is when the prospect decides to become a buyer.

There are 3 things you must have to close a deal:

  1. 100% belief in your product or service.
  2. Belief in your company to follow through on the expectations.
  3. Belief that your prospect will be better off going into debt to have this than not.

My favorite closes:

Three Yes’s then Close:

Did I answer all your questions?  (Yes)

Are we easy to get to?  (Yes)

Am I the type of person you feel comfortable having service you?  (Yes)

Great, and I need your OK here, here and here.

The referral close:

Hey, before we get involved with the figures…  before we actually customize your proposition, who do you know that would be in the market for a similar product or service?

Get a name, a phone number, and an email address before you actually present the proposition to this customer.

The feel, felt, found close:

Hey I appreciate the way you feel

I had felt exactly the same way until I found out that I don’t have another one coming in, and the price will not get lower.  The bottom line is that you need it and you need it now!

Use these closes to get your customer transitioned into a buyer, and seal deals.  My landscaper in Danbury CT actually uses these same closes when he’s talking to homeowners.