Rapport Building

Rapport Building

As I talked about in my last post entitled “closing the deal” there’s a huge difference between selling and closing.  However, there’s an even bigger different between selling and building rapport.

Building rapport and getting the prospect to like you is as important as closing, because if the trust isn’t there it’ll be 10X harder to close them.  Often if you don’t put your buyer at ease in the first 2 minutes of the conversation you’re going to have a really hard time selling them at all.

Building rapport is like building confidence.  You build confidence in your sales training, by working out at on of the local gyms in Brewster, NY or by learning how to small talk like a pro.

They say if you can make your prospect laugh in the first 2 minutes then you’ll have a sale.  I say that if you can make your prospect laugh out loud in the first 2 minutes you’ll be going to the bank more often.

My favorite ways to build rapport:

I haven’t visited Oklahoma before, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about it

You guys don’t have skiing in Oklahoma do you?  What the hell do you do in the winter?

I like to start off each call right.  I’ve been in marketing for a long time and in fact I’ve been in marketing so long I can remember when my wife still shaved her legs


Remember, everyone has their own individual style.  It’s your job to find yours.  I go bold and outrageous all the time, but that’s because that’s MY style.

Find yours and start closing more deals.